Denver, Colorado

Previously a manufacturing facility of Denver-based Amen Packaging, 4221 Brighton Boulevard is now home to Denver real estate firm Westfield. The 7,000 square foot renovation includes offices, a showroom, conference rooms and an open rooftop cafe seating area.

The building, part of a 3 acre lot purchase, fits with the unique blend of urban charm and industrial revival of the area. By highlighting key building features, keeping the lighting scheme simple, straightforward, and only placing light where it needed to be we were able to collaborate on a project that fits in well with the neighborhood and highlights the natural beauty of the renovated facility.

The client and architect alike had major goals for sustainability and we were able to reach a lighting power density of 38% better than code by utilizing efficient LED fixtures, only highlighting key features, specific lighting controls, and current limiting devices on the lighting track throughout. The existing building has a barrel-roof structure with very large skylights, so we utilized daylight harvesting to let the skylights provide the ambient, general illumination throughout the day. In the evenings, the barrel-roof structure is illuminated by strategically placed accent lights. The public spaces are all on a networked control system that utilizes dimming and scenes. And the private offices are all on vacancy sensors for maximum efficiency.

Client: tres birds workshop
Commercial, Lighting Design, Electrical Engineering

4221 westfield office