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Denver, Colorado

Bartlit Beck Herman Panechar & Scott LLP is a modern, busy law firm which needed an office space to meet the demanding challenges of an around-the-clock workforce. We had three design challenges: maintain visual comfort and high light levels for employee’s mature eyes, provide a comfortable and flexible design for employees working around the clock on stressful cases, and seamlessly integrate lighting into the highly curated and transparent minimal interior environment.

By layering light and carefully designing around glare mitigation, considering viewing angles, and concealing fixtures we were able to create visual comfort while keeping the minimalist aesthetic.

Wayfinding was key for employees and visitors, so a continuous 1” recessed linear snakes along the length of the corridors, visually guiding visitors and employees.

Due to the around-the-clock business hours, a complex, highly flexible lighting control system was utilized for the client to automate and fine-tune for ultimate employee comfort. Lighting controls were integrated with AV, shades, and movable partitions in the Boardroom allowing flexibility in use with the touch of a button.

Client: EUA
Commercial, Lighting Design, Electrical Engineering, Commissioning

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