Mediatecture: Integrated Media Design

“The transformation of space into a truly atmospheric place of communication and from the combination of media and architecture to the point at which they can no longer survive without each other.”

--Christoph Kronhagel

From Times Square to our own Denver Performing Arts Center, screens and lights and sounds have competed for your attention for as long as lights have been around. Hanging screens onto a wall has been the go-to for a long time, but the evolution has taken the meshing of media and architecture one step further. It's now possible to really integrate sight as well as sound into the architectural environment which gives unprecedented potential for customized branding, art installations, events and office spaces all without covering the architecture with a membrane. 

For a peek into the possibilities, the story of the Cincinnati's Symphony Orchestra wildly popular LUMENOCITY program comes to mind. Melding video, audio, and architecture, the program pushed the orchestra, a struggling institution in the Midwest city, into becoming one of the premier events not just for the city, but for the whole region. 

When it comes to office and interior design sophisticated brands are turning to creating immersive experiences. 

Artists have taken to the possibilities, and hospitality design is beginning to embrace the new opportunities for interior design. 

Want more? Drop Matt Eckstein, one of our Designers, a line - he can point you in the right direction.