Happy Holidays!

We kicked off the season early this year with some holiday fun on a Friday afternoon. The cornerstone of our holiday party was desk decorating, with each person receiving a box full of decorations and time to design and execute. Fueled by great food, great company and great designs we want to share our decorating lessons learned.

  • Think outside the box. Or inside the box. Or about the box. Can you cut the box? What about drawing on the box? Make it the best box it can be.

  • A motorcycle helmet and jacket in a chair make a convincing engineer, but he’s not very good with hitting deadlines.

  • Streamers can and should be thrown over your HVAC system, but only if no one’s looking (unless they’re helping you catch the roll.)

  • Marshmallows make a great addition to a simple cup of coffee, and an even better snowman outside of your box house.

  • Sheets of tissue paper make great snowflakes, snow, light fixtures for string lights, and napkins.

  • BONUS: A White Elephant gift exchange can tell you more about the planning abilities of your wine-thieving, waffle-making, hot-sauce trading coworkers than any personality test. We highly recommend it.

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