Bike to Work Day 2018

AE Design Bike Gang Hits the Streets; Eats Pancakes

Total Number of Participants
20 of 33 team members. 

Class B (30-99 employees) Business Challenge
11th of 193 companies in the category (we're coming for that top 10 next year!)

Effort Index:
2.34. That's a lot

Transportation Options
Own Bike only:   12 people
Own Bike and bus:   4 people
Borrow/rent bike:   3 people
Borrow/rent bike and bus:   2 people

Longest Overall Commute
One-way (any transportation combination):
Jeff and Kathleen tied at about 27 miles, both making their way from Boulder to the office by a bus and bike combination. 

Longest Bike-Only Commute
Patrick at about 7 miles

Average One-Way Distance
2.5 miles

Total stations visited by AE Designers: 
Union: 4
Curtis: 4
Creek: 4
Office: 3

That's 15 stations. We were everywhere!

Thumb Wrestles Won Against Professional Cyclists
One, by Brian D. Johnson. Careful asking him for a high-five.

Favorite Food Spot:
FIRST: The winner is the Alliance Center, taking the lead by teaming up with Snooze AM Eatery for breakfast tacos. 

CLOSE SECOND: Catching pancakes with Downtown Denver Partnership came in at a very close 2nd. 

BtWdPack Ride.png

Largest Pack Ride (see above):
19 riders for about 2 mile loop (including a tandem)

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