Design in Bloom

This year’s Design in Bloom event was our second year in a row getting involved with a talented architectural team, and to do what we do best - design the lighting. The EUA team was great to work with, both with attention to detail and approach to construction of the concept. Dare we say, these were some of our most fun project meetings all month (if not all year.)

And, the arrangement received the Popular Choice #2 Award!

Scroll down to see some of the behind the scenes work, and proof that anything is possible with a little hot glue.
Big thank you to Adam Buehler, Meredythe Torrence, Hilary Dunsmoor, Ben Niamthet, Jessica Lorenz for getting us involved.

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2019 04 25 - Design in Bloom -  (4 of 13).jpg
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Uproot –

  1. Pull (something, especially a tree or plant) out of the ground.

The concept EUA developed celebrates the natural components of the orchid, including those that are typically hidden beneath earth.

The concept of uproot is to remove a subject form their typical environment. The human tendency is to become complacent by finding comfort in the familiar, however our vessel demonstrates that interest and beauty can be achieved when we deviate from the expected. It’s a reminder to constantly seek alternate perspectives.”

We approached the lighting portion of the arrangement like an architectural project. Our design challenge was to incorporate a glowing element into or below the water basin of the vase with an integrated approach, avoiding direct view of the lighting element, while also accenting the flower itself and the effect of the natural rippling created from the dripping water. This directly supported the “Uproot” theme of of the arrangement, with the lighting coming from the bottom as opposed to the top. The end result was an integrated lighting element powered by a battery since plug-in power was not available, creating a unique and mobile composition.