Boulder, Colorado

Formerly known as Smart Balance, Boulder Brands is a food company that needed a new space to match its new modern image and healthy vision. The building includes spaces for quality control, open offices, private offices, commercial kitchens, show kitchens, presentation spaces, workout rooms, and an entryway. The City of Boulder has some of the most stringent energy requirements, and this building needed the lighting energy use to be 30% lower than typical code requirements, a goal that was met and exceeded. 

The functional use of lighting in the spaces was a major design point, focusing on how the lighting interacts with the user. Boulder Brands’ new building is energy efficient, with lighting playing a central role in the many zones of the offices, kitchens and display areas. Each one unique, and each all cohesive in their design. 

Client: Surround Architecture
Commercial, Headquarters, Green, Office Design, Lighting, Electrical Engineering