ENR Mountain States 2016 Best Projects Winner - Government/Public Buildings
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City of Aurora Public Safety Training Center

Aurora, Colorado

The City of Aurora Public Safety Training Center (CAPSTC) is a 23-acre campus including an education and training building, a five-story drill tower structure, on-site pump house, a class-A burn building, and fueling station. The campus serves as a joint-training facility for the city’s fire and police departments allowing the two unite to operate and train together. The location also encourages further collaboration with the Arapahoe County’s driving track and sheriff’s office. 

In order to reduce excess energy usage, the selection and layout of lighting fixtures throughout the project minimizes excess watts by utilizing proper lamp selections, light levels, and control systems. Sconces and other decorative fixtures are strategically placed to highlight the architecture. Overall the number of lamp types is minimized to reduce maintenance costs and re-lamping confusion.

The project has been a long time coming for the community and has been designed for further expansions. 

Client: Barker Rinker Seacat
Municipal, Training Facility, Public Safety, Electrical Engineering, Lighting Design