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CommonGrounds Workplace
Denver, Colorado

CommonGrounds Workplace is a modern flexible workplace for companies looking to expand or ditch the lease, with three existing locations nationwide. Denver, a growing modern vibrant city, was the perfect fit for fourth location. CommonGrounds wanted to create a highly customizable office where team members could work and socialize.

The ultra modern design aesthetic of the interior included plenty of glass walls, which reflect light, along with black walls and ceilings, which reduce reflection. These competing design element priorities guided our custom lighting design to ensure the space was bright enough for team members, without becoming overwhelming and uncomfortable. The transition from a co-working space to a corner coffee shop was also planned early in the process, creating a seamless design that unifies the two areas.  

Behind the scenes, our electrical design team and lighting team designed around the glass walls without sacrificing lighting and controls placement. Electrical components typically run through the walls, and with so much glassware there was limited opportunity to hide wires, drivers, and other electrical parts. Instead of leaving it up to the installers to figure out, we worked closely with Tecno Walls, the glass manufacturer, and the design team as a whole, so there were no surprises at the end with exposed wiring or impossible light placement.  

Once everything was installed, we were invited to come back in and commission the system to ensure the complex controls were tailored specifically to the space. Since CommonGrounds’ success hinges on an unlimited number of end-users, we programmed preset scenes so each space had multiple potential uses. As an example, the conference room is designed and pre-set for video conferencing, in-person presentations, table-top work, with dimming throughout for maximum customization.

Client: JLL
Commercial, Lighting Design, Electrical Engineering, Commissioning

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