LD+A - Contribution by Jon Brooks

The lighting just got a whole lot neater—and brighter— at the 80-year-old George Rogers Clark Memorial. It’s Indiana, not Kansas, but what goes on behind the curtain—or more accurately, behind the glass—at the George Rogers Clark Memorial rivals much of the wizardry displayed by that old humbug in the Emerald City. However, instead of the smoke and mirrors of Oz, there is a ladder, an attic and hidden LED luminaires.(continue reading on page 42)

How Lighting is Changing the Group Fitness Environment

Athletic Business - Contribution by Eric Nielsen & Vannessa Pederson

Neal Pire has spent more than 30 years designing, managing and consulting for fitness and training centers, including the development of fitness programs. Also serving on the NSF International Joint Committee on Health Fitness Facility Standards, Pire has seen a lot of good and bad facility design. (continue reading)

Building Information Modeling and Lighting Design

EC&M - Contribution by Jon Brooks

Although building information modeling (BIM) technically originated in the late 1980s, true implementation of this technology didn’t start to gain real traction until much later. We’ve come a long way since the early days of BIM adoption on the design delivery front, but there’s always room to grow. Today, we are beginning to understand how BIM and digitally informed design can significantly modify how we work. However, while there are many obvious advantages to these new work tools and processes, some distinct disadvantages still exist. This article will explore the impact of digitally informed lighting design today as well as look at the trends of tomorrow. (continue reading)

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USGBC Colorado - Contribution by Jon Brooks

Commissioning. It’s a word that has been around for a long time, but is certainly coming into its own these days. Building Owners, Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Energy Consultants, even local building departments are becoming more and more aware of the reasons to have a building commissioned. Yes, I said building departments. (continue reading)

LED Lighting

USGBC Colorado - Contribution by Anna-Lisa Conners

The development of light sources has been gradually evolving and improving. With every passing year, new technologies, some well known, others less common, explode into the marketplace. And old technologies breathe new life with better efficiencies and new creative innovation, as manufacturers strive to develop something that has never been seen or done before. (continue reading)

LEDs... Believe the Hype?

BRS - Contribution by Jon Brooks

LED's always seem to sit highest on the list of hot topics in the world of architectural lighting design—and the conversation changes as quickly as the technology. One has much to consider when specifying LED's: cost, efficiency, color temperature, color rendering and lamp life, to name a few... (continue reading)