AE Design elevates the spaces our clients design and build. Known nationwide for our high-value, integrated lighting design and electrical engineering solutions, our unique approach to working with our clients goes beyond conventional MEP offerings.

Due to our highly integrated approach, we consider budget, aesthetics, performance, availability, maintenance, sustainability and more when evaluating the best solution for each project's individual needs. Our LEED-accredited team of designers and engineers are also passionately committed to sustainable design. Whether a project is seeking LEED, NetZero or a smaller carbon footprint, we can recommend the best products and strategies to achieve each project's specific goals.

A focus on high-touch, full service, award winning lighting design—paired with the most current, energy-efficient electrical advancements designed to support each project's singular requirements—allows us to deliver a higher quality, more sustainable result.

Our creative perspective, proactive coordination and close communication with team members throughout the entire design and construction process leaves no detail ignored, assuring a gratifying outcome for all.


At AE Design, our visionary lighting and electrical engineering services are fully integrated. When our clients ask for lighting design, they know and expect that we will deliver a holistic solution. By combining lighting with electrical and power system design, greater efficiencies and more complete, cohesive documents result. Overall effectiveness is also increased.

We believe that lighting can elevate a space's beauty and functionality through creative, thoughtful, even inspirational strategies. Because lighting utilizes more than 25 percent of a building’s energy usage in many facilities today, we focus on making the right decisions in all areas that impact outcome, cost and sustainability.


Our passion for great lighting design, and our leading edge solutions to even the most technical electrical engineering challenges, allow us to consistently maximize our clients' long-term investment. We proactively keep up with new and current technology and welcome the opportunity to guide others through the ever-evolving world of lighting technologies. This firm-wide hunger for learning and delivering the very best solutions for our clients shines through on every project we design.

At AE Design, we are also dedicated to working with other design team members to elevate each individual space and create a better experience for the client.

And finally, because the cornerstone of our award-winning work is early coordination of lighting and electrical systems requirements balanced with sensitivity to overall space planning goals, we consistently deliver high quality results that make each project a success, and the owner delighted with the result.


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Many years ago, Jon and Jeff entered into the Architectural Engineering program at the University of Colorado looking forward to learning more about buildings and the process of taking them from vision to reality. They learned about structural engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, architecture, construction management, and various other tracts associated with the architecture and construction industry. After taking their first lighting design class, they were both hooked. Lighting provides the bridge between creativity and engineering and was the perfect specialty within their Architectural Engineering degrees. This education gave them a solid foundation to enter into the world in which architects and their teams bring architecture to life.
Jon and Jeff began their lighting and engineering career at the same firm after graduating college. Their friendship, that started in college, grew over the years, from volleyball in Washington Park, weekend barbeques, and mountain biking Mt. Falcon, which ultimately led to the discussion of starting a firm of their own. In July 2004 they started AE Design with the core values of providing cutting edge design, focusing on integrating lighting design into electrical systems that works with the architecture, and just as importantly, putting the client first and providing a high level of service and coordination. They understand that a successful project is all about the process, not just the end results. And this commitment has been the driver in the success of AE Design over the years as it is passed along to all new staff, from the first moment they are interviewed as prospective candidates.