Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Mushrif Central Park, now known as Umm Al Amarat Park, first opened in 1982 and is one of the oldest and largest urban parks in Abu Dhabi. The park was redeveloped by an international team over the period of 24 months to add facilities and state of the art attractions while preserving 200 existing mature trees. 

The park's numerous new architectural features required a number of lighting techniques, including color changing LEDs behind frosted glass for the entrance pavilion, color changing LEDs to highlight the multistory conservatory, and lighting to accommodate the large swooping structure hanging over the amphitheater stage that doubles as an illuminated water feature. 

We worked closely with lighting manufactures and providers to ensure that specified fixtures would perform as intended, and aligned with the overall design and lighting goals of the project. 

Client: BrightView Design Group
International, Municipal, Park, Landscape, Lighting Design, Renovation