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Fort Collins, Colorado

Red Truck Beer, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, decided to join the epicenter of the craft beer movement by opening a second location in Fort Collins, Colorado. Known for its vintage red trucks, the owners wanted to highlight that visual feature in the new location, so we were tapped to develop the new facility's lighting design to help. This posed a couple of challenges: finding comparable products available in the US, highlighting the Red Truck brand, taking advantage of sustainable design practices, all on a very tight timeline.

The lighting design celebrated the industrial, exposed nature and the unique double height space by highlighting key architectural features and displays. Two “red trucks” were brought into the spotlight of the retail area and were accented, with the square floodlight precisely aimed to reinforce the visual brand.

The tight deadline was mitigated by close communication with the owners, design team, as well as lighting reps to quickly nail down what the design intent was, and what products would visually fit while performing as needed.

We also kept things sustainable by utilizing LEDs and programming scenes through the wireless networked control system to quickly control interior and exterior lighting. As a result, locals and travelers passing by would enjoy the warm, and inviting ambiance of the "luxury truck stop" at any time.

Client: RB+B Architects
HospitalityLighting Design, Electrical Engineering

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