Denver, Colorado

The Alliance Center took a historic building and turned it into a modern, energy efficient office space. To support the mission of creating a sustainable world now and into the future, we provided the most energy efficient lighting control strategy, and to achieve this a 100% occupancy sensor based lighting control system was implemented. The lighting design also took advantage of daylighting, available on three facades of the building. Through these and additional strategies, The Alliance Center achieved LEED Dynamic Plaque recertification - the first in Colorado and just fifth in the world. This certification evaluates building performance on an ongoing basis, not just at a point in time. The building also achieved LEED Platinum for existing Building Operation and Maintenance, and LEED Silver for Commercial Interiors. But they're not stopping there. 

The Alliance Center is currently piloting the region’s first AC to DC conversion of a commercial building, shifting how the AEC industry thinks about powering commercial buildings, a major source of C02 emissions. By relying on the AC grid to only power equipment that is not DC compatible The Alliance Center is creating a microgrid powered by solar, and up to three additional energy inputs, to drastically lower its reliance on the grid lowering its CO2 emissions.

Client: Gensler, The Alliance Center
Commercial, Office Space, Lighting Design, Electrical Engineering, Sustainability

DC Microgrid Project 
We’re excited to help The Alliance Center pilot the Direct Current (DC) Microgrid Project, an ambitious and one of the first of its kind energy savings undertaking which sharply reduces greenhouse gas emissions and is already serving as a model for high-performance building innovation.

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