Lighting Design 

Lighting design is a collaboration between aesthetics and the physics of light. As lighting designers, we help define the architectural environment and provide the often subliminal triggers which enhance how people interact with the space or items within the space. 


Electrical Engineering Design

The integrated and collaborative approach we take to lighting design and engineering means we can take your vision, help guide the design, and give you options for how to make it a reality.  At the end of the design work, we provide the details and direction to make the electrical systems work in the building, which includes branch circuiting, lighting, controls, and more. 

AE Design Commissioning


Our CxA certified commissioning agents work on everything from schools to historical renovations, ensuring the intertwined and complex building systems are on-line, operational and working like they should. 

AE Design Sustainability


Whether the goal is to save money, energy or the environment our green toolbox includes strategies for daylight harvesting, photovoltaics, dark sky compliance, as well as specifying sustainable products and employing modern best practices. 

AE Design Audio / Video

Audio / Video

Combining sound, video, lighting, display and projection systems a well-designed audio/video system can bring a live theater production, church service, classroom or conference room to the next level. 

AE Design Telecommunications


These systems include complex electronic switching systems, telephone service facilities, optical fiber cabling, IP networks, paging system and more. 

AE Design Theatrical and Performance

Theatrical & PERFORMANCE

Theatrical and performance includes advanced knowledge of lighting controls, programming, theater design and how it all comes together. 

AE Design Security


Usually in the background and critical to safety security systems include video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, panic/duress alarm, intercom systems, call system and emergency radio enhancement.